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CadpigJR's lost hours...

here is what I wasted my time doing, and decided to tell you about ^_^

Cadpig C. Lion JR
19 March 1981
I am me, you are you, let's leave it at that... Ok been just that for far too long. I am a babyfur, fursuiter, artist, AB/DL, Computer Tech, Lion Cubby, and all around nice fur who would rather feel a year of pain to save a friend a second of discomfort, but well that is me.

Any questions I am USUALLY logged in AIM, ICQ, Y!, and IRC (Cadpigjr or Cadpijr)

MSN logged in under extreme dirress, and only if you really want to talk with it ;)

*random quote to live by that has been bouncing in my head*
"I would rather be the God of Death than the hero of a Massacar." Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing