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Cadpig C. Lion JR

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Odd dream experience [Apr. 10th, 2014|10:45 am]
Cadpig C. Lion JR

This morning started with, or rather last night ended with a weird dream.

I was at a convention of some kind (probably a furry one from later symptoms) which happened to be also at a mall. one store in the middle of the mall was doing some fashion show or song performance, I was not sure which as I was just trying to avoid the noise of it. I went past it to the large men's room, only to find it temporarily converted to a merch booth for what ever was going on. one urinal remained but has a pink furry cover on it and was behind some book racks so I was not able to get to it.

At this time my alarm went off, I partly woke up realizing somewhat of a need to pee, but a stronger desire to finish the dream, being still partly out I was able to get back to the dream (I can do that most of the time).

I left the merch booth converted bathroom and proceeded to Sears, for they MUST have a restroom, they are a big corner store in the mall in this dream. Similar to a gas station they had a big stupid key chain for the restrooms, so I got the men's key and went to this tiny restroom. the lock was not just a key hole on the door either, it was a BIG honking padlock and a latch, I undid it and put the stupid key and lock in my pocket and proceeded into the restroom. just as I sat on the toilet an employee came in, how he could not figure someone was in here due to the lock being missing I would never know. he insisted he was on his 20 minute break which he always pent at the sink and refused to leave. Though I am working on improving on this I am a bit 'pee shy' and someone LOOKING RIGHT AT ME kinda makes the system not release, so I left the restroom and the mall all together.

I started to walk down the street towards my hotel, which turns out to be Apollo, where I grew up (which is a town of less than 1400 people and has no malls, major hotels, or anything else exciting for that matter). As I walked down 1st street towards the con hotel I ran into Swiftfox who was on a bicycle and with him was another fur who I have no idea was but he was also on a bicycle, he was young, a babyfur, and I knew he was a dragon (yes I know several of you who fill those but none of you was this one!). they were both peddling up hill on 1st street which is pretty hard as it is STEEP. I was pretty much in tears as Swifty saw my, he asked what was wrong and I explained the potty need, he asked if he could help, I said not really. It was about that time I noticed he was wearing a back pack... but no not a back pack a baby carrier! he had a new born baby on his back in a cute little hat and very large mittens. The peddled onwards as I kept walking down the hill.

It was about then I was becoming more aware and that this was a dream, what sort of dream it was and woke up for real and went to the bathroom.

Funny how the mind works sometimes though and the NEED to finish a pointless dream.
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Lego aquired [Aug. 8th, 2013|01:28 am]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
I know this is a bit silly, but I was browsing Ebay looking at lego castle items and found a couple worth bidding on... and won O_O

one of them I never had or saw in person as a kid, it was the second lego castle released. this certainly adds a neat item to my collection. it has a few miss colored pieces but I should be able to replace the wrong colored blocks and make it look right.

The second one I won was the biggie, and the emotionally fulfilling one, Black monarch's castle. this was from the mid 80's and was one of the items I had the best memories of playing with at Grama Magee's house. It is missing 6 pieces, and I already found the needed bits in my drawers of pieces.

Grama used to buy alot of legos and build them with her grand kids, and I really loved making lots of different things with her helping.
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Weird dream [Feb. 6th, 2013|03:10 am]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
I had a rather odd, realistic dream, and I figured aI would try and put it in words as best I can... I suppose to sort it for myself as much as share it.

This dream happened while napping on the couch, with GI-Joe playing on the TV.

I woke in the dream on the couch, my feet sore from what had happened recently... well recently like years ago but recently enough to still be odd. My feet had been removed and replaced with odd living replacements. the weird feet had 3 heels some how, and the two smallest toes were set back several inches from the rest of the front line of toes. I was just sitting there, sad at how the re-added feet would not let me walk as far as my real ones did.

Looking up my legs I noted the scar tissue lines right around my new ankles. Next up I was looking at the leg scars, an even line running like a barber pole all the way up my legs from where they rebuilt my muscles and tendons. The scars were more or less white lines, but they still itched. I sat there in my dream and cried to myself at what had happened to me.

I suppose the things in the dream were not that off, but it felt so real. I really could feel the aching in the 3 heels on each foot, and the itch in my leg scars from where I was peeled like an apple.

hope this was not too creepy for anyone.
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dinner...gooood [Dec. 15th, 2012|09:46 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
ok, VERY rare that I post a journal, but this was just too long for a tweet...

Wild caught salmon, sun dried tomato pesto, farfelli noodles, artichoke hearts, asparagus.
On the side we had vixen-style garlic toast: a bit of the pesto, olive oil, onoins, minced gtarlic, paprika, and oregano.

Deserts came out of the fancy cabinet at Giant, I had a delicious eclaire and Autumn had a strawberry tort cake.

Image of the dinner here:
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Seriously Wally world, WTF? [May. 16th, 2012|10:30 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Ok, I normally don't take the time to complain about this sort of stuff, but Wally-world made me rather grumpy tonight.

We went in to get a couple of things (really only 8 items total at check out) and just passing the new releases we saw the new Underworld movie. We though 'why not, same price we could have seen it 1 time in the theater?'. So we checked out, line was actually relatively fast. we get to the end and pay, and we need a manager to open the movie, now the fun begins.

We finished the checking out phase at 9:15pm on my phone, slide over to the side while we wait on this magical manager. 20 minutes roll by and we hear rumors the manager had someone in a wheel chair. This may have been an acceptable reason, they could have been helping an injured shopper or someone who got very ill. We just guessed they were stuck sitting with them till help arrived or something (a REAL managerial duty honestly) . 10 minutes later I spot said manager, in jewelery, pushing said person in a wheel chair... SHOPPING! I have now been there 30 minutes post checkout, waiting to get a movie I have already paid for. I can't just return it at this point, the CS desk was closed before we checked out even.

Either more people need the magic opener keys or they need to remove the stupid boxes from the movies. Had I known it was going to take 30 minutes I would have taken it home and drilled the stupid thing open (I do have power tools and all). I am actually going to the store tomorrow to complain to another manager about this one. I would have done so tonight but that was really the only manager on duty in the whole store... and they were playing shopy helper with the magical keys locked away where no one can get them.

And no, I do not need someone commenting "well hurr durr you shopped at wally world, what do you expect?" It was after 9, nothing else was open, and to go to something else that was I would have driven 15-20 minutes each way... which with the wait time on the box might have been darn near the same time spent, but more gas spent too.
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Amazon fun [Oct. 6th, 2011|06:28 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |geekygeeky]

I bought an item offa amazon for my computer (this http://www.amazon.com/NZXT-IU01-Internal-Expansion-Black/dp/B0031ESKJA/ref=pd_bxgy_e_img_b ) and it was 19.06 when I got it. Shipping was going to be a bit over $8 so I hunted for a qualifying thingy to go with it to break the $25 mark (free shipping) ended up with a tiny usb flash drive (yippeee) not something I NEED but $5.99 and getting something is better than 8.18 and not getting something.

an hour later I went back to amazon to look at the picture of the dealie again and it was now 18.88, I was sad for a second, then realized... that would have meant I would need to spend MORE to get the $25 to get free shipping.

If anyone is currious, I am making a new computer, and found I was shy a couple of USB headers, hence why I got this. end result: 15 external USB 2 ports, 4 USB3 ports, and 2 internal USB 2 ports.... I need more USB thingies now!!!!
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Art progression [Dec. 19th, 2010|02:22 am]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |artisticartistic]

Well it has been a bit since I decided to post about my life or what not... well it will be about art today.

I was just realizing I was almost done with my 3rd sketchbook for the year, 8 pages left now to be exact. WHen I thought about that I decided to see if I got anywhere in this about 300 pages that have flown by this year, and I am rather sure I can go with yes.

Here are a few of my latest Caddie pictures:

And in comparison... a few from pretty near exactly 1 year back:

I will even admit I see something has changed, I will not admit to being GOOD yet, but I have gotten better.

This has also got me thinking about my commission cost, I charge $2.50 for a color picture, which generally takes me a bit over an hour... so I am charging $2.50 an hour to do art. I thonk I should hike up to maybe $5.00, atleast I will be closer to minimum wage while I art.

Ok, enough art-thought for the night, I need to go to sleep ^__^
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Art with a purpose! [Oct. 21st, 2010|01:54 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |artisticartistic]

Well as most anyone who watches mah FA account you have seen I was drawing again!

I am so far only drawing stuff for me as there are no commissions in my que (please, feel free to break that issue at any time!). This was post is actually caused by my thinking of WHY I draw.

I am arting now because I want to, and because I want to get better. but MOST importantly I am arting because it makes me happy. Every naughty picture, costume, princess gown, tutu, or otherwise I draw free-like or for me is because I enjoy drawing it and seeing the result. Oddly the MOST relaxing to draw are prom or princess dresses, so flowing and open to change.

Mostly when I am doing non-paid art it will be of Caddie, not of someone else's characters. If I draw you free-like, just be happy, if you beg for it more than once consider that you probably will NEVER see a free picture from me again.

Well I am almost done with my second 100 page sketch book for the year (not counting badges or other things) and I will be starting another one prolly next week!
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Face book, DON'T [Sep. 14th, 2010|05:10 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Ok, I get enough people telling me about their facebook, and I always respond with the same answer, please do not go there.

I work in virus removal and PC care, almost every single virus call got their bug off of that site, especially the stupid anti-virus-virus!

No it is not from the games, or the links, but they are in the ads. No you do not need to click on them.

If you read this and all you can think of is "STFU I will stay on face book!" download and keep updated a copy of malwarebytes (www.malwarebytes.org) for when you DO get the virus off of there.

PSA over,
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Stuff needing homes: [Aug. 20th, 2010|03:24 pm]
Cadpig C. Lion JR
[mood |determineddetermined]

I have a 32" tube TV, 2 remotes, and the manual even, needs a home, works great, just come and pick it up and take it out of my Kitchen.

Same deal for 3 CRT monitos, a 17", a 19" and a 21", though those don't have manuals or remotes :P

I want rid of these, Carlisle, PA if you want them!

TV is claimed and will get picked up tomorrow.
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